Thomas Moore Tavern, Wexford

LMJ LIVE Thursday 03 July

Music with LMJ


We are delighted to have popular local trio ‘LMJ’ playing live here at the Thomas Moore Tavern, Wexford next Thursday 05th July from 9.30pm.

Come and support these ambitious Lads!

LmJ are a trio from Co. Wexford with a fusion of 3 part harmonies and high tempo guitar rhythms. The band consists of Luke (18), Marty (18) & Jack (18).

LmJ formed when their music teacher put them and two other students together to play for a school conference in Newbridge. When the conference was finished, the only three still practicing together were Luke, Marty & Jack.

In 2013, LmJ played on South East Radio three times and also started to write their own original songs and found out what their sound was. That summer they also got a slot at Strawberry Fest, they supported KeyWest and also supported Walking On Cars.
They decided to put a video on YouTube and the views flew up! All of a sudden LmJ became well known in Wexford. They had a few gigs here and there but started to gig properly in late 2012. They had success supporting The Original Rudeboys in September 2012.